Regional Alerts

Big data key to post-pandemic recovery in Cambodia

30 September 2022. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) report highlighted that the increasing use of digital technology and big data hold the key to fast-tracking post-Covid-19 economic recovery in Southeast Asia (SEA), including Cambodia.

Masks rule to stay for public transport

30 September 2022.  Covid-19 in Thailand will be eased from dangerous communicable disease to a communicable disease under surveillance on Saturday, as re-stated on Thursday by Deputy Director of the Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health.

China reports 867 new COVID cases for Sept 29 vs 799 a day earlier

30 September 2022. China reported 867 new COVID-19 infections on Sept. That compared with 799 new cases a day earlier – 170 symptomatic and 629 asymptomatic infections, which China counts separately.

839 new Covid inpatients, nine more deaths

30 September 2022.  According to the Thailand Ministry of Public Health, the country registered nine more Covid-19 fatalities and 839 new cases admitted to hospitals during the previous 24 hours.

Vietnam dengue fever update: 224,771 cases, 92 deaths

29 September 2022. To date, Vietnam health authorities report 224,771 total dengue fever cases, including 92 deaths across the country since the beginning of the year. This is an increase of 13,383 cases and five deaths reported here 10 days ago.

Hundreds of Vientiane Pets Vaccinated to Protect Communities Against Rabies

29 September 2022. On Wednesday, more than 150 pets were vaccinated in central Vientiane as part of a World Rabies Day drive to protect communities and raise awareness of this deadly disease – as well as ways to prevent infection.

Myanmar reports 379 new COVID-19 cases

29 September 2022. Myanmar has confirmed 379 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the tally to 622,802. The death toll from COVID-19 in the country reached 19,458 on Thursday after one new death was reported.

PM mulling lifting more Covid entry restrictions

29 September 2022. Cambodia is considering lifting some more of its Covid-19 restrictions related to entry into the Kingdom, in tandem with renewed calls for people to remain vigilant and to get vaccinated with booster shots.

Socio-Demographic, Health, and Transport-Related Factors Affecting the COVID-19 Outbreak in Myanmar: A Cross-Sectional Study

28 September 2022. It was found that the population density was parallelly associated with COVID-19 cases in Myanmar. On the other hand, among the medical services factors, the number of doctors was parallelly associated with COVID-19 cases and the number of nurses was inversely related to COVID-19 cases.

Covid Set To Officially Become A ‘Communicable Disease Under Surveillance’

21 September 2022. The Royal Gazette website published two Public Health Ministry announcements that would remove Covid-19 from the list of “dangerous communicable diseases” and list it among “communicable diseases under surveillance” from October 1.

Ministry intensifies health checks on eateries

21 September 2022. Cambodia Ministry of Health has started inspecting eateries to prevent the possibility of foodborne illness outbreaks, to educate food service staff about safe food handling practices and basic sanitation requirements.

Chinese mainland reports 123 new local confirmed COVID-19 cases

21 September 2022. The Chinese mainland on Tuesday reported 123 locally transmitted confirmed COVID-19 cases, of which 57 were in Guizhou and 28 in Sichuan. A total of 485 local asymptomatic carriers were newly identified.

Govt will Give Free Rabies Shots to Prevent Fatal Dog Bites

20 September 2022. In an effort to support animal health and welfare, The Lao P.D.R Ministry of Health and its development partners will distribute 30,000 free doses of Rabies vaccines across the country. An average of 8,528 dog bites are also reported annually in Laos and this highlights the importance of rabies surveillance and control.

NIHE works to ensure enough Moderna vaccine for children

20 September 2022. The National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology (NIHE), Vietnam has controlled the transfer of vaccines between localities and worked with UNICEF to receive the Moderna vaccine as soon as possible, ensuring that children from 6 to under 12 years old receive the full dose of the vaccine.

‘No change’ for Cambodia as COVID cases remain stable

20 September 2022. Active COVID cases remain at around 55 as numbers remain stable for Cambodia. Meanwhile, looking at the overall COVID picture via statistics, it appears that COVID cases – although still happening – are at much lower levels than before.

Thailand targets homegrown COVID-19 vaccines to roll-out in 2023-2024

20 September 2022. In Thailand, producing homegrown vaccines will make it possible to achieve self-sufficiency, increase collaboration between organizations, and boost national competency in COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing.

Myanmar reports 399 new COVID-19 cases

20 September 2022. Myanmar confirmed 399 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, bringing the total tally to 619,566. The ministry said health authorities tested 12,102 people for COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, and the daily positivity rate was 3.3%.

What are the 2-year health outcomes among patients hospitalized for COVID-19 in China?

20 September 2022. The current longitudinal cohort study, which included COVID-19 survivors after 2 years of being released from hospitals, revealed the common symptoms that persisted for a prolonged period.

Sub-variant BA.5 predominating among infection cases daily: Ministry

05 September 2022. According to the Vietnam Ministry of Health, country has recorded cases of infection with sub-variants BA.4, BA.5, and BA.2.74 of Omicron in the community; particularly the sub-variant BA.5 is gradually predominating among infection cases daily.

1,360 new Covid inpatients, 22 more deaths

05 September 2022. Thailand registered 1,360 new inpatients admitted to hospitals and 22 more Covid-19 related fatalities. This compared with 1,631 patients and 25 deaths reported on Sunday. All cases reported on Monday were local infections.